Friday I slept in until about 1030 & then left to go get Amanda & we headed out to Panama City!! It was a long drive but it wasn't too bad. We got here Friday around 530 & then ended up leaving around 6 to get Katie in Pensacola, it was a last minute idea. We got back to Panama City around 12 & just went to sleep.

Saturday we got up & went to the mall to do a little shopping & then came back home. I think we went to the beach for a little but it was pretty damn cold. We came home & had dinner & then got ready to go out. We drove around on the strip for awhile but there wasn't many people out, it sucked. We ended up going to Latitudes for a couple hours though. It was fun, but there wasn't very many people there. Katie & I danced with eachother all night & rejected every guy that asked us to dance, it was pretty damn funny. Especially since most of the guys saw us rejecting every guy but they still tried. Amanda was pretty plastered & I started not feeling well so we peaced.

Sunday we got up & went to the beach for a little but once again it was pretty damn cold. We came back home & relaxed for a little & then had dinner & got ready to go out. We went out on the strip again, but this time we took the Mini Cooper & Michael came too. It was fun but cramped so we went back to get my car & went back out. Drove up & down the strip again but there still wasn't many people there. We came home kinda early because we had to get up Monday & drive Katie home.

Monday we got up around 9 & went to Pensacola to take Katie home. We got back around 330 & went to the beach for a little. Once again it was really cold so we didn't stay long. We got back to the house & got ready & went to dinner with Michael & Mary at Golden Corral. I got to drive the JEEP =] After dinner we came back here for a little & then headed out to the strip in the JEEP! I got to drive again =] We met up with these guys Amanda met Saturday night (she actually randomly made out with one of them) & left Michael's jeep in the parking lot & piled into their Dodge Ram 2500 on 39s!!! We just drove up & down the strip & picked up random girls to give them rides to where they were going. It was actually pretty fun. I just talked to one guy the whole time, he was really nice. Then around 230 we decided to go down to the beach for a little. It was FREEZING! So we went & sat in the truck for a little & just chatted. Michael, Amanda & I finally left around 4am lol

Today I slept until 130!! It was awesome. & we haven't done anything all day but lay around & watch tv. I love lazy days like this =] We aren't gonna do anything tonight either because we're both pretty broke (SHIT!) & there isn't much to do anyways.

Soooo i`m in georgia right now!!
here`s the story behind this..last night i got off work and hungout with brock and nicole for a few hours then peaced to shayna`s to update her on drama. after i showed her how to make a headline for myspace, i went to GA`s and hungout with her and sarah. welllll georgia says "i wanna see snow" and i said "ok lets go. we both have tomorrow off and we never get a day off together." and she said "for real?!" and i said "yepp! let`s goooo! i got money in the bank, why not??" sooo we packed some shit and the 3 of us piled into my car with pillows and blankets and peaced the fuck outa NSB. hit 95 in daytona at about 1AM and just headed north. we had no definite plan, just that we wanted to see snow. sooo we just kept taking the north interstate roads, well all of a sudden there were like 3 different options for north so we just guessed and went with the one that was pointing straight north. welllll we called GA`s sister and told her where we were and she said "uhh you guys are almost to tennessee!" whoops!! we were kinda hopin to hit NC to visit joey and MAYBE see snow but we were def headed in the wrong direction. sooo we decided to just go to kelly`s. since we were like an hour north of her we had to turn around (: haha. but we made it here! and the trip up here sure was fun as hell. let`s recap some funny moments...every CD we put in fucking skipped. fuck my damn CD player!! it was pissin me off...or how ab sarah pissing in the gas station parking lot with the fucking clerk standing inside haha it was fuckin great...uhmm and the fact that we lost the damn sun! i`m for fuckin real..it was like 630am and there was NO DAMN SUN!! then it started getting light out and allof a sudden went fuckin pitch dark again..that happened like 3 times and i`m dead ass serious..so i called brock and asked him if the sun was up down there and he was like no..and then apparently it hit him like 5 minutes later how dumb i was for askin that and he called back and said "do me a favor and look up" so i did and he said "is there a sun?" and i said "no" and he replied with "well then there`s no sun here either dumbass" and i could hear his co-workers laughing in the background lol thennnn my energy pill kicked in and i was SUPER HYPER and started blaring britney spears greatest hits and singing it to georgia. she replied with "nina i`m going to punch you in your face. i mean that in the nicest way possible" lol she was driving right now by the way...so we hit ATL downtown and GA`s fuckin energy pill kicked in PLUS her energy drink..she was goin CA-RAZY! i was crackin up..she was excited to the exxtreme ab the frickin car pool lane..sarah and i couldn`t stop laughing..uhmm so i think that`s ab all the funny parts (:

sooo once we got here, we hungout for a little with miller and kel. ross made us breakfast and then we passed the fuck out (: well after georgia threw up(pics comin on myspace lol) she puked waterfalls, good times!! uhmm slept for like 2 hours, woke up and then went to GoodYear to drop my car off to get it serviced and then did some shoppin at target. i got to buy new undies bc i needed a pair to wear after my shower hehe. came back to the house and took showers and now we are just hangin out until my car is ready then sarah, GA and i are goin to get my car and some dinner for us. then havin dinner with kel, ross, miller and some friends for ross's birthday!! around 8 we are peacin out of here and headin home. we`ll probably return around 4am tomorrow.

old photographs part 2...
i dont know why i do this to myself. UGH i`m stupid. i hate seeing pictures of us together but then i love seeing pictures of us. we were so happy. what the hell. i miss kissing you so much. and i miss laying with you. i miss laughing with you. i miss you more than words can explain. but i hate you too. UGGGGH! why did you do this to me. i just don`t get it. i want you back :( and i`m stupid for saying that bc you lied to me. UGGH

old photographs...
so i was just goin through some old pictures and i just got to wondering..how can someone be your best friend for so long and do everything with you and then just not be a part of your life? and then let the friendship crumble to nothing...i just don`t get it..seeing the old pictures of EVERYTHING we did together just makes me wonder...ya know??

Broken Hearts Will Never Heal...
I decided to make a new livejournal just because I`m bored (: but I like this name better anyways.

Yesterday I ended up hanging out with Katie for a couple hours. Elyse came too. We went to Super Target and just walked around for a little and then went to lunch at Krystal. Elyse and I took Katie back to her gparents and then I took Elyse home. On the way home I had a little drama and ended up crying hysterically so I went to Brock`s and talked to him for a little. He made me laugh of course. Then I came home and talked to Aliesha about my troubles and then talked to Bill for a little. Went into work at 6 feeling like complete and utter shit. But the stored died down at like 930 so it was pretty easy. But boring of course. I ended up gettin out at 1130, which was nice. On the way home I talked to EddieGeno for awhile ab somethings, he always makes me feel better(: Then I went to GA`s apt and hungout with her for like 30 minutes. When I got home I decided to put all my pictures from my senior year into my new photo albums. Pretty depressing being that it was mainly Bill and I or Amanda and I. Gosh I can`t wait til she`s here In December. Only one month and three days left!!! Anyways, I started feeling really crappy (bad headache and nausea) so I threw everything onto the floor and went to sleep (:

This morning I went with my mom to Daytona to buy Christmas decorations. I love Christmas (: We also went to Super Target and of course I left with something (new bedding..which I freakin LOVE!!!). When I got home I cleaned my room because it was way needed and did laundry. Nicole came over (: I`ve missed her!!! I put on my new bedding and fell in love (: lol. Now I`m sitting here waiting for dinner and then I`m peacing to work. Another long night. But I love my job (: so it`s all good! I`m not too sure what I`m doin after work yet though.

Oh and by the way. This is going to be friends only as well. So from here on out only friends will be able to read my entries. COMMENT TO BE ADDED <3


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